At the "Skihütte", we also sell great natural products - the perfect gift, not just for your friends and family members back home. Here's a selection:

  • marmot ointment
  • goat butter ointment
  • deer sausage
  • deer salami
  • "Zirben" schnapps
  • marmot snow globe
  • fruit teas
  • marmot soaps
  • arnika/ foot ointment
  • 100% marmot oil
  • marmot slippers
  • marmot flask
  • small figurines of Alpine animals
  • marmot cup
  • marmot toothpicks
  • bath additive


Pension Schönblick

The House in Ried of the Schweiberer family - the Schönblick is led as a pension.

Website of the Pension Schönblick

Murmelland Zillertal

THE destination in the Zillertal in summer - the Murmelland in Kaltenbach.

Website of the Murmelland Zillertal